Summer Camp Music Festival -A Jam Band Paradise

Review of Summer Camp Music Festival



If you like listening to jam bands and like going to music festivals then Summer Camp is the one for you. Summer Camp happens every year at the end of May in Chillicothe, Illinois. Summer Camp brings fans of jam music from all around the United States. The line-up always consists of the same two headliners, Umphreys McGee and Moe. This year these two iconic bands were accompanied by so many other great artists such as Trey Anastasio band, Primus, Disco Biscuits and so many more fantastic jam bands.


Along with fantastic bands playing, there is so much more Summer Camp has to offer. There is a huge ferris wheel centered right behind one of the main stages, Sunshine Stage. Along with the Sunshine Stage that features Umphreys McGee every night, there is the Moonlight Stage. The Moonlight Stage is the stage Moe plays on and it is unique in the way it is shaped. The stage is shaped like a bowl and it helps all fans to see the stage as they fill up the grassy hill leading down to the stage. The two other small stages are the Starlight Stage and the Campfire Stage. The Campfire Stage is cool because it is the stage that late night artists always play on. Every night of the festival there is a set from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM that is on the Campfire Stage.


Umphreys McGee and Moe are the two bands that make Summer Camp so unique. Since the start, each of the bands always play 5 sets every year. The two bands have their own customized stage to fit their playing styles. Umphreys McGee’s stage is the Sunshine Stage and it is perfect for Umphreys McGee’s lighting designer, Waffle, to put on the best light show during their sets.

Check out Umphreys McGee covering “Jessica” at Summer Camp 2017:


The stage Moe plays on is called the Moonlight Stage and it is unique because the way the stage is set up. The stage is at the bottom of the hill and is located to where the moon shines right above the stage during the late night sets. It is a beautiful thing to see Moe playing and right above their heads the moon is shining bright. The shape also allows fans to sit on the grass, like stadium style seating, and give their feet a rest after dancing all day.


Summer Camp is one of my favorite festivals to go to every year. The weather in late May is never to hot and the rain is always seldom that time of year. There is music and things to do for all ages. Everyone is always so friendly and staff work hard to make sure your weekend is unforgettable. If you are ever wondering what to do in late May then I highly encourage everyone to come to Summer Camp and make everlasting memories.